Miley Cyrus graced the X Factor UK stage the other day with a powerful performance of Wrecking Ball.  What sets this performance apart from her others?  It was completely clean sans teddy bears, twerking and smoking pot on stage! Apparently the network warned her that the show is "family friendly" and threatened to cut any stunts she pulled.


Speaking of stunts, Miley recently confirmed that she DID smoke a real joint at the European Music Awards but that it was completely unplanned!

She was walking out of her room remembering that it was in her bag and thought it would be funny to whip it out for her speech! She didn't tell any one of her little surprise.  In that case, she decided to sing the ballad live and took a page from Selena Gomez’s playbook donning an Arab-like headpiece and singing in front of a desert backdrop.  Well, we’re glad she decided to tone it down a bit, she sounded awesome!  Check out her performance!

Thumbnail Source: Getty Images