Ever wonder what it’s like to have a meet and greet with Miley Cyrus?!


Well, hide your kids, hide your wife, because there’s FREE BOOB GRABS and tongue action for everyone! Oh, and you will also get a picture staring your host, the Bangerz star herself, with the best reaction EVER. Can I get a HELLO LADY?


Before you begin to think we’re completely kidding –


The singer made  a little pit stop at Nassau Coliseum in NY, and one daring fan just can’t stop – WON’T stop, um grabbing Miley’s boobs. A little feisty there, are we?


And that’s not all – Cyrus’s priceless reaction looks something like yours when you  see these photos: shock, yet complete and utter guilty enjoyment!!


The fan, only known as David from NY asked the singer if she would be his first, AND LAST kiss with a girl. she responded oh so graciously by saying she would be his “first and last kiss with a boy.”


YEA, so things got heated and it’s all on camera – What’s not to love?




Source: Splash News