Selena Gomez is flirting up with who?! 

Rumors are swirling that Selena has been flirting with Lord of the Rings actor, Orlando Bloom! Yup! And you guessed it, Justin Bieber is jealous and extremely mad at his on-and-off girlfriend.

Kind of random, but hey at least she’s moving on!

Selena and Orlando both participated in this year’s We Day California on March 26, where she gave an inspirational speech on how recently she “lost sight on who [she] was.” Orly and Sel even caught picture with Seth Rogan backstage at the empowerment event.

Seth Rogan is not a fan of the Biebs. He’s been quoted saying that Justin is “obnoxious and ungrateful.” Sheesh. We see why Selena’s new company can cause some tension between her and the “Boyfriend” singer.

Source: Getty Images