Tracy Morgan is speaking out about his former “30 Rock” co-star, Alec Baldwin.

 In an interview with the New York Times Tracy expresses his worry for the structure of Alec’s life. “He’s getting fired from TV shows. He had about six fights since we left '30 Rock,' you know. I’m worried about him," he said.

Alec’s stint as a talk show host on “Up Late with Alec Baldwin” came to an end in November. This MSNBC cancellation came after Alec had a public outburst at some paparazzi. He used an anti-gay slur and received a ton of media attention and criticism. In February, Alec wrote an essay for New York’s magazine stating that he is saying goodbye to his public life. In the essay he proclaims that he is not homophobic, is tired of the paparazzi and is done being in the spotlight.

Tracy’s advice for Alec: “Chill out, raise your family and enjoy your wife and your daughter. The paparazzi do what they do man. They have a job, too.”

Tracy is currently lending his voice to the animated movie, “Rio 2” and is returning back to stand-up comedy. His stand up titled “Bona Fide” will air on April 20 2014 at 10pm on Comedy Central.