Hmm…you might want to reconsider your current job and become a singer! just released a list of the “Highest-Earning Celebrities Under 30” and you'll never believe how much these stars are earning!

Lady Gaga, 27-years-old, has earned a whopping $80 million dollars! She may have been out of the spotlight due to surgery but girlfriend is making BANK! Justin Bieber, 19 years old, came in second with $58 million dollars.  No wonder the girls go crazy for him!

Taylor Swift may only be 23 years old, but she is earning $55 million.  Maybe all her heartbreaks were worth it…for her bank account at least. 

Calvin Harris, 29-year-old DJ made $46 million followed by Rihanna with $43 million... WOW! 

What can one possibly do with all this money?!  They say money can't buy happiness but we’re sure we can find a way to be happy with $80 million!