Umm...did you all hear what Taylor Swift recently said in a Rolling Stone interview?  Girlfriend said: “I am getting to the point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about.”  Wait- what?!

Taylor has history with numerous guys and her experiences with all of them have helped mold her albums into the success they have become today. So, what exactly does she mean by that statement?  She doesn’t want to fall in love?  Shoot, if we were Taylor Swift and made millions from songs about getting our hearts broken, we would continue to fall in love. The tears can totally be wiped off with a hundred dollar bill!

We hope Taylor doesn’t lose hope in all guys, because there is someone out there for everyone…plus, we really enjoy her music.  Taylor said she loves the connection she has with her fans when they can relate to her music and her life. We love you Taylor and we hope you don’t actually get to that point where you don’t see love being worthy.

Source: Rolling Stone