WORST BIRTHDAY EVER: It was your special day, but it turned out to be HORRIBLE! Nothing went right… the cake was crap and your gifts sucked! What happened to you?

I BROKE MY ARM ON MY BIRTHDAY: Just curious… did you ever break your arm (or another body part) on your Birthday?

BIRTHDAY FIRE: How many candles does it take to set a fire? What caught on fire on your Birthday?

WHERE DID YOU THROW-UP ON YOUR BIRTHDAY: Some people party too hard… did you fall victim to festive B-day drinks? Where did you throw-up? Who did you throw-up on?

PARENTS FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY: On Greg T’s 21st Birthday his parents forgot it was his Birthday! Did this ever happen to you?

SURPRISE PARTY FLOP: Did someone try to throw you a surprise Birthday party that you found out about? What happened? Did you still have to act surprised?