This week’s Featured Furry Friend may hold the record of the oldest cat ever featured!  Sweet Tuney is 17 years old, and got her name because of her love of tuna fish!  She is extra affectionate, loves to talk and still plays like a kitten!  She came to the APL with a couple of medical problems.  First, she had a condition known as entropian, which means her eyelid was folded inward.  That was corrected and she can see normally.  Tuney’s other medical issue is that she is FIV+.  That means she needs to keep up regular vet visits to make sure she stays healthy and happy.  Tuney is a great example that FIV+ kitties can live long healthy lives!  To learn more about Tuney, call the APL at 216-771-4616 or log on to Cleveland  Check back next week for another Featured Furry Friend from the Cleveland APL!