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Taylor Swift is helping to make a dying girl's final days very special. 

The country-pop superstar took part in a FaceTime chat with Laney Brown last Friday, on the girl's eighth birthday.  Laney has leukemia, and is not expected to survive the week.  But one of her last wishes was to meet the singer. 

An update on Laney's Facebook page says the  meeting went better than expected.  Laney was apparently nervous about speaking with Swift, because Taylor is "such a 'famous celebrity.'"  But the post says Taylor "was fabulous" and "really engaged Laney in conversation." 

The message adds that Laney "lit up and had a huge smile on her face."  The conversation with Swift was just part of a wish fulfilled.  Laney also hoped to be serenaded with Christmas carols.  She got that as well. 

A crowd estimated to be around six thousand showed up outside her home the day after she chatted with Taylor Swift. 

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