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Jared Leto has been having a pretty good year, what with winning an Academy Award and hitting the road for another big tour with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars.  But on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon suggested one way he could make things even better. 

Jimmy conveniently had a beard trimmer behind his desk, so he helped clean Jared up a bit himself.  Leto said he was a little nervous since he had been working on the beard since he won his Oscar back in March, but he seemed pretty happy with the end result.  The extra hair, however, did come in handy earlier in the episode when Leto and Fallon played mountain gurus facing off in an "Intense Staredown" and sharing nonsensical pearls of wisdom. 

A slightly less hairy Leto returned near the end of the episode to perform "End of All Days" with Thirty Seconds to Mars.  The group is set to play Buffalo, New York on Thursday, and Montreal and Toronto this weekend as they continue their Carnivores Tour with Linkin Park. 

Check out Jimmy trimming Jared's beard below!