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Duck Sauce, the duo comprised of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, are preparing to release thier debut album Quack in the spring, and it appears it will be a 'very visual album,' according to A-Trak.

The producer/DJ tells Rolling Stone, "We thought it would be cool to make an album, with a listening experience front to back; [a] very visual kind of album."

It also appears that their talent for creating viral videos to go along with their songs will continue with Quack. A-Trak goes on to tell Rolling Stone, "What's cool with this album also is it's a treasure trove of materials that we can have fun with." He adds, "With our videos we never approach them literally, it's always this blank canvas; dance music is repetitive, and not very deep, so when we make a video it is just a pre-text to make a piece of art that has a certain soundscape."

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