The guys of Dirtyphonics (Charly, PitchIn, Pho, and Thomas) have made themselves right at home with Dim Mak. They just released their debut album on the label, and finished up a 40+ date tour, spreading their music all across the country and Canada. But they're not slowing down just yet. They tell us that there is a lot more in store from them. 

We caught up with the guys at TomorrowWorld, where they talked their new album Irreverence, their new single "Hanging on Me," which remix is their favorite, and being a part of the Dim Mak family. Check it out below: 

What did you think of TomorrowWorld?

It's great, I mean you know it's the first year that they're doing it here, and seeing seven stages and stage production. The vibe, the crowd, and the people [are] great, you can't ask for more. We know the festival from Belgium from Tomorrowland, the original one, they really did it like exactly the same way, the same vibe the same production, so yeah. They actually brought the big stage from Belgium to here.

Tell us about your newly-released album Irreverence?

It was it was a long process. We started thinking about writing the album two years ago.  Now we have a pretty insane touring schedule, so we really started writing a year ago and to spend all that time in the studio, and all that energy, and put all of your ideas into one big project and realizing it out. You know, it's a big thing for an artist. And seeing the reaction we got from the industry, from our fans, from the crowds in general when we played out.  It's the best thing. We took it on the road for that Irreverance Tour, we did over 40 gigs all across the US and Canada [for] two-and-a-half months.

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How was the tour?

It was insane. Crazy. Great. First tour experience. This is the best way for touring. First time we had that big production of [a] stage.

What's it like for four guys being on the road together?

We worked well together actually. We had 12 people on the road, like technicians, other artists that were playing with us, along side us. So like Grizzly, ETC(!)ETC(!), Le Castlevania. It's the best thing, you're with your best friends, traveling everywhere and playing music every day. That's what we live for.

What's in your rider on tour?

We have a lot of stuff. We have champagne, vodka, dog. A back stage dog - but a cool one. Balloons. Four girls. Four girls to bring out on stage. Four sexy girls.

You also have your single "Hanging on Me" coming out?

Yeah. It's coming out Monday on Dim Mak. We're really excited this is the third single off of the album. On this one we have Boregore & Ookay who remixed for us. We had Kastle, who took it to like a deep house vibe, I personally love it. And those new kids on the block, Solgun & Ioh did a drum 'n bass version. It's awesome. What's great is that when you first start making music, people are helping you out throughout your career, and then you get to that point where you get a chance to give a hand to different people. And being able to do this for people, and at the same time having people take your music and bring it somewhere else to a different crowd, a different vibe, is f**king awesome. I'm really, really happy.

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Which remix is your favorite?

Out of the whole EP?  It depends on the mood you're in. If you're on a beach, watching a sunset on a Sunday night, I say the Kastle one. And for 10,000 people obviously the Borgore & Ookay remix, you know f**king killing it. It's a Banger. We're really happy about all of them. Reallly proud.

Well what are you guys working on next?

Right now we have this ["Hanging on Me"]that's coming out on Monday. Then we have a release that we did for Linkin Park coming out at the end of October. We have a remix that we did for Bogore, "Legend." We did a remix for Castlevania that's coming out soon as well. We're working on our next thing for Dim Mak. It's a little early to give details about it, but it's gonna be huge, and we're really really excited about it.

Do you like being a part of Dim Mak?

Oh yeah. They're family to us. What was important for us when we signed with the label for the album and all of that, was to find a place that we could keep 100% of the creative control.  We didn't want to go somewhere where people would be like "oh, you have to do this and that." We are Dirtyphonics, we do whatever the f**k we want, and we needed to find a place that would have this vibe; people that trust us, and people that were friends and family.  We're on the road all the time with them, whether it’s like on tour or festivals. Every time we're in LA we knock at the office. It's a family. So we're really happy. 

And how do you like working with Steve?

It's great. Steve is that guy who has a very strong vision of the music, of the business. He’s totally open to everything we're doing, super understanding. You know, last night we came a little late, but he brought us to the stage that he was playing on with Laidback Luke and Dimitri Vegas, the Superhero stage [Super You & Me]. Took us on stage, played the remix he did for us. We have fun, he's a really, really cool, chill-out guy. Yeah, [we went] stage diving on that one. Steve and two of us. He's like super chill, he works twenty-four f**king seven. And he calls you all the time. And he's not like the kinda guy who's like "oh, I'm too big for this s**t." So yeah, we're really happy, and he's a really good friend.

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio