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With his new EP practically here, a tour on the way, and a new album on the horizon, Zomboy has been keeping his fans very happy. Highly regarded in the dubstep community, his sound is becoming more diverse with the release of his latest EP, but still captures that Zomboy essence fans know and love. 

We got to hang out with Zomboy at Electric Zoo in New York city. He talked about his new EP, working on a new album, and his favorite part of touring in America. Check it out below: 

How did your set go?

Amazing. Considering how early it was, I shouldn’t have really been awake at that time, let alone playing. It went amazingly well.

What time did you wake up to today .. or normally?

If I’m not on tour, I’ll try and hold out 'til like, mid-day or 1 p.m. But on tour, it’s like … we get minimal hours sleep a night, so it doesn’t matter when I play really. I’m going to be tired anyway.

Tell us about your new EP "Reanimated?"

Yes! [It comes out] the 9th of September. I’m excited, and scared, and nervous. And excited, and nervous, and scared! Yeah, because it’s a bit of a new step in a new direction. Half of it is just electro, so it’s venturing into the more, kind of 128 BPM, four to the floor house music, [but] still with the Zomboy essence. So people don’t have to be too afraid of what’s coming.

Why did you decide to change direction?

It was kind of natural, it’s kind of a natural process. I mean, I love electro-house, I always have, and the more I play house, the better reactions I get. It only makes sense to start writing some. So yeah, I’m just venturing into new territories, but still keeping the whole essence of Zomboy. It’s important, it’s very incredible for an artist, completely flip it around and start something completely new. I think that's dangerous, but I still kept the essence of my sound.

Outside of dance music, who do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite band?

I’m a huge sucker for acoustic and folk music. My favorite band is probably … they're a British band called Everything, Everything. So if you don’t know who they are, check them out. They’re incredible. They're like a crossover of electronic. [They have] amazing vocals. Truly British. Another guy is a more of an acoustic guy. He’s called Ben Howard. My acoustic folk. I like anything that doesn’t make me want to party too much when I’m not partying if you know, I mean. So, when I’m not in Zomboy mode, I’m listening to very, kind of, girly music. Maybe don't quote "girly" music!

Are you working on an album?

Just about to! I mean, I just finished wrapping up this EP. Obviously got to tour this EP and then … yeah, certainly work [on] an album, which is a big step! And if it’s not done right, I might pull it. But the aim is, album. That’s pretty nerve-wracking just thinking about it, let alone doing it! It’ll be worth it.

How has your summer been? You’ve been touring a lot?

Yes. I’ve been out in America for the majority of it. I love America. The crowds in particular, and Parliament cigarettes. Off the radar there! Parliament cigarettes, you only find them in America. They're my favorite cigarettes, and I can only get them out here. It’s like torture when I have to go back to the UK. But no, more importantly, the crowds, the energy, the commitment of those crowds that like travel from hundreds of thousands of miles around that come and see you. It’s like it’s another level of commitment!

Have you been to New York before?

I played here in January. It was my first show here, I did it in the Gramercy Theater. It was amazing! But, it was cold as s**t! It was like minus 13 degrees Celsius. I don’t what that is in Fahrenheit. Horribly cold! But it was a really good show. It was like the first real taste of New York for me.

Well, since you’re at Electric Zoo, if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I’m going to say a gazelle. Yeah, they’re underrated. Those guys have to run like shit every day to stay alive.

Photo Credit Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio