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If you haven't noticed lately, there has been A LOT of negativity in the dance music community; from fans being angry at Diplo for not allowing candy bracelets at his shows, to accusations of producers not putting a lot of time into their tracks and releasing almost the same exact tracks multiple times with different names ... the list goes on and on. The dance music scene right now is far from the positive vibe it was built on. And even as a new-comer, Justin Blau, better know as 3LAU, is very aware of it.

"It's unfortunately because there's so much competition in a rising industry from the business side of things, I think that's playing a big role," Justin says.  "At the end of the day, we're all doing super well for ourselves, all of us DJs.  We're all friends, we're all making great money doing what we love, and I just don't understand publications that are like 'Paris Hilton's making more money in an hour than this person here'...come on.  It's about making and listening to the next big awesome records.  That's what we're all in it for."

3LAU himself was actually accused by a fan of not playing live while on the EDC Vegas main stage, to which he has no problem replying to in the interview.

Besides being a very smart and talented producer and DJ, 3LAU is also a major philanthropist; his charity work with Pencils Of Promise has raised a lot of money for children in developing countries.  "I feel very privileged to be where I am right now," Justin says, "My whole life I've done philanthropy work.  It's super cool to be able to do it on a much bigger scale because I have that much more influence." 

You can check out for all the information on Pencils Of Promise.

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