(Which one of these two pastries do you consider to be dangerous enough to be banned from a school in England?

If you said that the triangular-shaped pastry was a risk to human life and should be banned, give yourself a pat on the back! (And maybe you should consider a career in the ever-increasing Nanny State.)

During a food fight at the Castle View School on Canvey Island in Essex, one student was hit in the eye by a tri-cornered cookie. The child was sent home and has since made a full recovery. However, the school was not satisfied and held a formal review of the shape and texture of these food items (they call them “flapjacks”).

After a thorough investigation, the school has decided to ban the triangle-shaped flapjacks. They have actually ordered the cooks to no longer cut the flapjacks into triangles. Squares and rectangles are still allowed.

BBC reporter John Brain visited a coffee shop near the school and posed the safety question to several patrons. Their astonished responses say it all:

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