DO MARRY KILL: Let’s play! Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes. GO!

i-FUN: We all know that Candy Crush is addicting, but Greg T wants a new game to play. What is the next “it” smart phone game?

DRUNKEN MESS: Seems everyone on the Morning Show went out drinking last night and they are all a HOT MESS today! Do you wake-up a drunken mess too?

UNDERWEAR FREE ZONE: Greg T ran out of underwear! Today he is going commando! It is an underwear free zone! Are you living in an underwear free zone today too? 

MY CRAZY ASS WOMAN: A friend of Greg T loves his “Crazy Ass Chick”! She has a temper, parties hard and loves football. Are you a “Crazy Ass Chick”? Are you dating a “Crazy Ass Chick”? How is it going?

SNUCK IN: A few years back Greg T’s friend snuck in to a professional baseball game. He just found an open door and walked in! Where did you sneak in?