(Columbus) - State Senators Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) and Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) want Ohio statute of limitations on rape taken off the books.

The two issued a call Monday to the GOP leadership in the General Assembly to take action on Senate Bill 83, legislation that would remove the state’s 20-year statute of limitations for the prosecution of rape and sexual battery.

The bill, introduced in March, has received only one hearing in the Ohio Senate. 

“This bill deserves a fair shot in the Ohio legislature,” Senator Turner said. “With the support of victims, advocates, and even local prosecutors, the General Assembly should act quickly before more sexual predators escape prosecution due to this arbitrary, 20-year timeline.” 

The two senators’ call for action comes as thousands of backlogged sexual assault evidence kits are finally being tested after years of sitting on evidence room selves. The testing is expected to result in nearly a thousand potential DNA matches in Cuyahoga County alone.

“The time to act is overdue,” said Cafaro. “We have an obligation to assure justice for all victims regardless of when a crime occurred. It takes time and courage for a victim of a sexual crime to come forward. If they learn that they are unable to seek justice because the law thinks they waited too long, these victims are victimized yet again by the system.”

Sen. Turner talked to WTAM's Carmen Angelo:

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