(Cleveland)---It was a busy weekend for Cleveland Police.

43 year old Java Bowling III was shot in the chest in the 32-hundred block of Roanoke Avenue at around 7:30PM Saturday.

Police say he got into an argument with a 40 year old man who was intoxicated, and Bowling was trying to take his car keys to prevent the man from driving.  That's when he was shot.

Bowling was taken to MetroHealth.  The suspect was later arrested in Middleburgh Heights.

Police say an Elyria man was shot in the leg when two men tried to rob him around 2:00AM Sunday near East 38th and Superior.   39-year-old Damimen Spearman drove himself to a nearby fire station, and was then taken to Metro.

In the 400 block of East 149th Street, a 34 year old Cleveland man and a 28 year old Euclid man were shot and wounded by someone passing by in a car shortly after midnight.

The Cleveland man was taken to Metrohealth and the Euclid man was taken to Euclid Hospital.

At around 2:30AM, a man who was working as a security guard at a bar near East 173rd and Harvard was shot when four men jumped him.

Finally, a 57-year-old man was shot while walking along Griffing Avenue around 3:15AM.  He told police the shooter said he didn't want him walking in his neighborhood.

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