(Cleveland) - The Cleveland Schools headquarters on East 6 Street is being vacated. The venerable building has been purchased by the Drury Hotels out of Saint Louis, MO. 

The final school adinistration employees will leave the building at 1380 East 6th Street on Sept. 20. At that point, Drury takes over the building and starts transforming it into a hotel.

The six-story structure has served as the Cleveland Schools headquarters since 1930. It is known for its' two story marble lined lobby and sandstone exterior.

Drury hotels purchased the building in June for $4.8-million. Cleveland architect Jonathon Sandvick says Drury will have to invest a lot of money to transform the building.

Drury plans to transform the building into more than 100 hotel rooms and meeting space with a projected opening in 2015.

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