(Parma) - Police are continuing to investigate what was earlier reported to be a “pipe bomb” located in the area of State Road and Freehold Avenue.

Earlier today, Parma Police officers responded to a report of a suspicious device resembling a pipe bomb hanging from a tree at the northwest corner of State Road and Freehold Road.

Officers located the device, which closely resembled a pipe bomb and called for bomb technicians to respond to the scene.

The area of State Road and Freehold Road was temporarily closed off while bomb technicians attempted to destroy the device.

(Photo provided by the Parma Police Department)

Sgt. Kevin Riley says bomb technicians were not able to destroy the device at the scene and had to remove it to a different location for further investigation.

Riley tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, bomb technicians were able to x-ray the device and determine that it did not contain any explosive material.

Riley reports, the device contained items consistent with what is believed to be part of an outdoor treasure hunting game called Geocaching.

He says this is now an ongoing investigation with the potential of criminal charges against the person or persons who placed the device at this location.

Anyone with information relative to the identity of any person or persons who placed the device is asked to call the Parma Police Department Crime Tip-Line at 440-887-7340.

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