(Cleveland) -  A baseball fan from Ottawa, Canada is undertaking a Major League Fantasy Trip this weekend. Stephen Bierbrier is going to try and see 5 Major League Baseball Games in 4 days, in an oddessy that will stretch more than 2200 miles.

Stephen will travel from his home to Ottawa to. . .

- Chicago on Friday to catch the Cubs game at Wrigley, then

- head here to see the Tribe host the Blue Jays on Saturday afternoon. 

- He'll have to dash to Pittsburgh for the Pirates game Saturday night at PNC Park. 

- Then he'll head east to catch the Mets game at CitiField in New York Sunday,

- topping it off with the patriots Day Red Sox game at Fenway Monday afternoon. 

And then of course home. Whew!

Fans can follow his journey online here.

Stephen is a big baseball fan, who lost his home team ten years ago when the Montreal Expos moved to Washington to become the Nationals.  He says only extra innings, rain, or a lack of energy drinks will slow his trip.

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