(Cleveland) - Ricardo Ramos was scheduled to report to the immigration office in Cleveland's Federal Building at 3 this afternoon, most likely to be sent back to Mexico.

The Lake County Mexican immigrant's possible deportation has been the subject of recent protests and a march from Perry, Ohio to Cleveland.

Attorney David Leopold met with immigration administrators this afternoon and convinced them to reconsider the deportation order.

Leopold says Ramos is now free to stay with his family at least through the weekend and maybe longer. Supporters celebrated with a demonstration next to the Free Stamp across the street from the Federal Building.

Attorney David Leopold and Ricardo Ramos.

Leopold is hopeful the decision will be made to allow Ramos to stay here, and as a law abiding, hardworking, family man, remain with his wife and children as he works toward a path to citizenship.

Ramos was nearly speechless when he received word he was not being taken into custody today. Struggling to hold back tears, he thanked supporters.

Ramos says he has no plans for the weekend, just to spend time with his family after a very stressful week.

Veronica Dahlberg, executive director of HOLA says Ramos should be allowed to stay in the U.S. She contends immigration laws are flawed and biased against Latin-Americans.

She is hoping Congress will soon approve meaningful immigration reform, allowing hardworking families to stay together.

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(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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