(Cleveland) - A bizarre twist in the Aliza Sherman murder case.  Sherman was fatally stabbed outside her attorney's office in March, 2013 and now there is word that the law offices of Stafford and Stafford were searched Tuesday by the FBI, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office.  

Greg Moore, who represented Sherman, a Cleveland Clinic nurse, worked at the firm at the time of her death.  Moore was indicted last December in connection with a July, 2012 bomb threat made at the old county courthouse downtown.  Moore, is no longer practicing law and is charged with three counts of inducing panic in that case. 

He is scheduled for trial in July.  Moore's attorney, Ian Friedman, says Moore vehemetely denies involvement in the Sherman murder and believes the government's investigation will reveal the same.  

Friedman, in a Tweet, says it's unclear whether investigators are looking for information in the bomb threat case of the Sherman murder.  There has been no named suspect in the Aliza Sherman murder.

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