(Akron) -- A number of Akron church pastors were arrested Sunday by Summit County Deputies, right in the middle of their sermons. No, it wasn't a roundup of Christian ministers for doing anything illegal; it was part of a community project initiated by the pastors themselves.

It is part of the sermon messages that are called "Defending the Faith," which will culminate with a production at Akron Civic Theater in which pastors will be put through a mock trial in which they will defend their Christian faith.

Only problem is, video of the arrests on You Tube has been misinterpreted by people from all over as showing the ministers being arrested for real. The Summit County deputies involved in the arrests were doing it to help show support for the program.

Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry says he's glad to have helped out, but didn't know the videos would be posted on the web. Barry says, "Had I known these videos were going to be viewed on websites I certainly would have asked for a caption or disclaimer so those viewing would know they were not real arrests."

Barry says he wants Akron-area residents to be aware that more of these simulated arrests will take place in the next few weeks.

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