(Akron) -- A Firestone High School music teacher has taken full responsibility for racially-charged comments that were posted on his Facebook page in October.

David Spondike made that statement in a letter that was sent Thursday to the human resources director for the Akron City Schools. The letter was sent in lieu of Spondike's appearance at a hearing that was scheduled before school district leaders.

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In the letter, Spondike says, the postings "were done in a moment of anger and with unnecessary haste."

Spondike's Facebook page, which has since been deleted, had remarks directed at a black teenager who exposed himself in front of young children and who urinated on a telephone pole while trick-or-treating in Spondike's neighborhood in Copley. The "n" word was used in those comments.

Shortly afterward, a series of videos were posted to YouTube in which Spondike and a friend of his claimed that the friend's son, who is black, had posted the comments himself.

Spondike, in his letter to the Akron schools, says he has sought professional counseling for anger management and other matters that may have caused the outburst on Facebook.

Spondike remains on paid leave, and he is still subject to a termination hearing in front of school human resources personnel. The final decision on his employment will be up to the Akron Board of Education.

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