(Cleveland) It was his 18th stop on a tour across the country visiting every Major League ballpark that found Tom Lohr at Progressive Field. Lohr is making his way to all 30 parks having a hot dog in a cheap seat at each one.

Each ballpark is rated on a 1 to 30 scale for ambiance and the hot dog itself. So far his favorite frankfurter has been served by the Diamondbacks in Arizona. As far as the overall ballpark and dog combo: Colorado Rockies.

Lohr appreciated look and feel of Progressive Field. His biggest positive for the Indians was the use of Bertman's Mustard. It was slathered on with relish for his Cleveland hot dog.

As for Ketchup: not on a hot dog.

Moving forward, his next stop is Pittsburgh. Lohr isn't exactly excited about heading to New York "but it's got to be done."

Lohr is chronicling his travels on his website http://ballparkdogs.blogspot.com/ and is working to sum his travels and hot dogs up in a book.

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