(Mentor)---A 17 year old Mentor boy will spend time at the juvenile detention center as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

Ironically, the boy's attorney, Mark Ziccarelli, says the young man, who has been homeschooled the last few years, is learning socialization skills in detention, and court officials say he's a model resident.

The young man is accused of posting an online threat September 12 on Facebook, in which he said he and some friends "could have killed a lot of people" at the high school.

Ziccarelli told a Lake County Juvenile Court magistrate that his client never meant to hurt anyone, and he has no criminal record.

The attorney says socialization was part of the problem, because the teen was homeschooled.

Under the plea agreement, which must be approved by the Lake County Juvenile Court judge, the teen will be in detention indefinitely for counseling.

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