(Cleveland) - The city's much-discussed $80 million plan to make the West Shoreway into a low-speed boulevard with landscaped medians will become a reality.

Governor John Kasich and Mayor Frank Jackson have announced funding to start Phase 2 of the Lakefront West Project next Spring.

Kasich said Ohio would cover $3 million of the city's $7 million contribution to the cost of the $40 million project.

Phase One included pedestrian tunnels that now connect the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the Lakefront.

In Phase Two, the speed limit on the West Shoreway will be reduced from 50 to 35 miles an hour.

ODOT says the 2.5 mile freeway will be transformed into a scenic, tree-lined boulevard. Reduction of the speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph is expected to add only 75 seconds of total travel time along the boulevard.

It will increase access to Lake Erie, improve green space, increase development potential and simplify connections along the now-limited access Shoreway, according to ODOT.

The Mainline Reconstruction Project includes:

* Replacement of the existing West Shoreway mainline pavement from Lake Avenue/Clifton Boulevard to the Main Avenue Bridge (includes the ramps to/from West Boulevard).

* Installation of the West Shoreway eastbound exit ramp to West 73rd Street and Edgewater Park (previously closed with the West 73rd Street project due to design criteria).

* Installation of new access point to Division Avenue.

* Installation of new access point to the West Shoreway at West 54th Street.

* Replacement of the West Shoreway eastbound exit ramp to West 45th Street as well as the ramps on the north side of the West Shoreway.

* Reconstruction of the Main Avenue/West 25th Street corridor to better accommodate trucks.

* Installation of a new multipurpose trail along the West Shoreway from West Boulevard to West 28th Street.

* Wetland mitigation.

The reduction in speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph would occur at the completion of this project. The reduction adds less than 75 seconds of additional drive time along this section of the West Shoreway.

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