(Cleveland)  Native Ukrainians living in Parma's "Little Ukraine" say their thoughts are not far from their loved ones back home.

Most say, however, they believe that they'll be okay, despite the violence and unrest, and the presence of Russian military on the Crimean peninsula.

Those who talked with us say they think Russia should withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

Case Western Reserve University economics professor Dr. Roman Sheremeta, a native of Ukraine,  says that the crisis isn't really about some Ukrainians wanting to join the European Union and others wanting to be closer to Russia. 

He says Ukrainians were fed up with a corrupt, dictatorial government.  He said they wanted to have the standard of living enjoyed by other European countries.

Dr. Sheremeta says the ousted President Yanukovich's style of government is not very different from that of Vladimir Putin.

He says he believes Putin has acted because he feels threatened, that if such unrest could happen in Ukraine, it could happen in Russia.

He also believes that, if it comes to actual conflict, knowing Ukrainians, they would fight to the last man.

Dr. Sheremeta says Washington and other Western powers have to back up their words with action.

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