(Cleveland) - Police have deployed portable speed cameras to go along with permanently installed devices trained on passing motorists.

Cleveland has added its most recent round of speed traps to five thoroughfares citywide.

Safety Director Martin Flask says the speed cameras are being deployed to make the streets safer, and to stop lawbreakers.

He maintains that the revenue collected from traffic cameras only amount about 1% to the safety department’s budget.

After the deployment, the city said two locations did not have required signs warning drivers that they were entering a speed enforcement zone.

Citations from those cameras will be dismissed until crews resolve the issue.

A third camera was shut down to be moved to a new location because trees obscured the cameras.

Henry Bentley of BantheCams.org claims cities like Cleveland are deploying additional traffic cameras because they are moneymakers.

He contends that that use of the cameras is unconstitutional, because they don't punish the driver who caused the infraction; they punish the owner of the vehicle, regardless of who is behind the wheel.

Bentley tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, traffic cameras do not improve safety, only cops can do that by taking drunk or distracted drivers off the streets, checking licenses, and motorists for outstanding warrants.

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