(Cleveland) Law enforcement officials, Healthcare workers, and members of the drug treatment community will be at an all day summit on Thursday at the Inter Continental Hotel at the Cleveland Clinic. The focus of the summit will be the rapidly rising heroin epidemic in the state.

The summit was organized by the U.S. Attorney's Office. U.S. Attorney Steve Dettlebach says heroin is a crisis that affects the entire community. It will take the efforts of not just law enforcement, but also the health care community and drug treatment centers to deal with this problem. The day will culminate with the development of a community action plan that will lay out strategies and next steps in turning back the tide of heroin addiction.

Dettleback says heroin is a deadly drug. "people need to understand that heroin is a dangerous substance and that one mistake by somebody who's taking heroin will be the last mistake they ever make". Fatalities from heroin have increased by 400 percent in recent years.

The summit will feature speakers at the forefront of dealing with the heroin epidemic, as well as panel discussions and breakout discussions.
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