(Cleveland) - The last remaining portions of the old Innerbelt Bridge will brought down 'at first light' Saturday morning.  

The Ohio Department of Transportation will use a series of controlled detonations to topple the last five spans of steel girders.   The implosion will take only seconds.  

A 1000 foot safety zone around the bridge will require several road closures, including I-90, the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge and several streets in Tremont and in the Flats, but if all goes well, traffic should be restored by 9 a.m.

The public can watch the implosion from a viewing area near East 14th and Broadway, or from the comfort of home, streaming on several websites linked here.

Construction of the old bridge started in 1954, it carried its first regular traffic in August of 1959. 

Photo Credit: Ohio Department of Transportation


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