(Cleveland) -- Nobody wanted it on eBay, but the Smithsonian wanted it, and got it. They wanted Connie Cordaro's MTV T-shirt.

Connie Cordaro, of Broadview Heights, had a job selling advertising for the iconic music channel MTV when it launched in 1981. Recently, she decided to sell some of her original items on eBay. Cordaro tells WTAM 1100 she was able to sell a duffel bag, but there were no bids offered for an original MTV T-Shirt, for which she wanted $150.

Then, out of the blue, Cordaro got an email from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. A staff member there had seen the T-shirt that was for sale, and asked if Cordaro would donate it to the museum for a special exhibit about the history of advertising in the United States.

Cordaro says she agreed to donate the shirt. She says she had a feeling that the T-shirt would someday be valuable, but she never expected it to be valuable from a historic standpoint.

In addition to the shirt, Cordaro also wrote up a story about the shirt and about her experiences working for MTV, which she says will be in the archives of the Smithsonian to be accessed by those doing research.

The shirt will be on display for about 3-6 months at a time, then will be put away for a few months, in order to help preserve it.

(Photos courtesy of Connie Cordaro and the Smithsonian Institution)

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