(Akron) - Goodwill? Pride of Goodyear? Ambassador?

What will it be?

You can help Goodyear name its new blimp. Akron-based Goodyear has narrowed the list of possible names for its new airship to 10.

People submitted more than 15,000 suggestions through a naming context. The ten finalists include Ambassador, Explorer, Inspiration and Pride of Goodyear.

Blimp fans will have until May 9 to cast their final vote on Goodyear's website.  Goodyear has said whoever submitted the winning name will get access to the airship for a day.

The high-tech, helium-filled craft has a semi-rigid internal structure not included in earlier models, raising questions about whether it is truly a blimp, though the company still refers to it as such. Its silver balloon-like body is emblazoned with Goodyear's yellow logo on a blue background.

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