(Valley City, Hinckley) The National Weather Service has confirmed that two EF1 tornadoes touched down Tuesday afternoon. The first originated in southern Lorain County and made its way towards Valley City along Route 303 around 1:30pm. The second landed about 15 minutes later in Hinckley south of Boston Rd and Island Rd. 

Minor damage has been observed in the path of the storm, mostly consisting of uprooted trees. Gary Garnet of the National Weather Service says the damage is consistent with winds in the 94 to 95 miles per hour range.

Valley City resident Richard Roscoe described the storm as a wall of water before the destructive winds hit. Marilyn Kessler was able to reaech her basement just in time for the tornado to quickly pass. As for damage, her windows remained intact but a tree went through her barn and broke a waterline.

Cindy Cole, manager of Valley Aire Golf Course, reported metal debris on the course that was not from any of their buildings. They were hosting a southwest junior tournament and held participants in the basement of one of their buildings. 

With 8 tornadoes so far this year in Medina County, Garnet does not see it as unusual since the annual average is eight.

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