(Milan) -- The Ohio State Highway Patrol is looking for the driver of a vehicle that was involved in the series of multi-vehicle pileups on the Ohio Turnpike nearly two weeks ago that killed three people.

The Patrol is trying to locate the blue car hauler pictured just in front of the black Kia Sedona minivan. The car hauler was blue in color and had a full size Ford pick-up secured on the upper level of the trailer.

If anyone has any information about this vehicle, please contact Sgt. Matt Them at the Milan Patrol Post at 419-499-4808.

This vehicle is not suspected to be at-fault, but it was involved in the crash. The rear of the trailer and the vehicle secured on the lower level of the trailer are likely damaged.

State Trooper Andrew Clouser was injured in one of the crashes, and remains in a Toledo hospital. 20-year-old Hannah Matheny of Parma was one of the three people killed.

(Photo courtesy Ohio State Highway Patrol)

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