(Cuyahoga County) - Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough is accusing the City of Cleveland of using scare tactics and strong arm measures to fight Westlake's plan to link up with Avon Lake's water system.

Clough says Westlake wants to continue receiving water from Cleveland but also seeks the option of getting water from Avon Lake Utilities.

Clough contends it’s because of service issues and rising costs associated with Cleveland Water.

He reports at one point, Westlake had 100 fire hydrants that did not work, and only after Westlake threatened to find a new water supplier did Cleveland begin repairs.

Clough says Cleveland is now demanding that Westlake surrender its city owned water lines, and share tax revenue from businesses that move from Cleveland to Westlake, for access to the Avon Lake system.

Dennis Clough

Clough maintains such a deal is not acceptable, and accuses Cleveland of scaring Westlake residents by telling them their water bills will soar if they gain access to Avon Lake Utilities.

Westlake has taken the issue to court, but Clough claims he would welcome direct negotiations with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, though they haven't spoken in over a year.

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