(Northeast Ohio) - Flood watches remain in effect across much of northern Ohio as communities recover from several days of heavy rain and storms.

The National Weather Service predicts conditions will dry out over the weekend, but that's no consolation for a North Ridgeville homeowner.

Marilyn Jefferies lives on Gina Drive and says her home was hit very hard during Monday’s storm.

Her lower level family room filled with water, leaving furniture, the washer, and dryer floating. The furnace was damaged, the hot water tank vanished, and worms are everywhere.

Jefferies tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, that flooding is a common occurrence on Gina drive because new developments the city has allowed, severely strain the old storm sewers.

She claims North Ridgeville leaders have done little to help, and insurance is unlikely to cover much of the expense.

Jefferies believes the city should purchase her home. She and her husband have lived there since 1971, but don't believe they will ever be able to sell it. They are considering abandoning the property.

Meanwhile in nearby North Olmsted, Mayor Kevin Kennedy scheduled a community meeting to gather information from residents who have been dealing with flood damage from Monday's storm.

Kennedy tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, up to 600 residents called City Hall after their homes flooded with water and raw sewage. He estimates there may be many more who did not call.

Kenney reports the west side of town was the hardest hit, with 6-to-7 inches of rain falling within a matter of hours.

The mayor contends the city is making progress is reducing flooding problems over the past few years, and is looking to add new water retention area.

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(Photo by Ken Robinson/WTAM)