Paramore is back, ya'll. 

we hung out with The New York Times in our hometown. read all about it.

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Not only are they back with new music (and a new sound), but Zac Farro is back in the band.

Yep, the original drummer that left the band with his brother, Josh, in 2007 has returned. 

I’m Back - @bodegajonez

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Obviously, fans were really excited to see this. 

On Wednesday, fans were even more excited to see that they dropped a new song, video, and announced their next album. 

The single, "Hard Times" has a different sound that the Paramore you know, but that's not a bad thing. It's upbeat, but still has a deeper message to it- like all Paramore songs. 

The album, After Laughter, comes out May 12th. 

But there was a point over the past two years where they debated just stopping all together. Another band member down, Hayley and Taylor really wrestled with what their next step would be. That's when Zac entered the picture again. 

You can read a little about that in their New York Times interview. 

The band also talked to Zane Lowe about this full-circle moment where they were at a coffee shop discussing whether or not they would continue being a band when their ex-band member, Josh, walked in. 

See them talk about that to Zane below. 

Love this song and seriously cannot wait for the album.