I love to find new music and find out whats hot before its hot! So here are 2 of my picks for summer! I'm gonna call this section, I TOLD U SO #iToldUso

1st I picked Lorine Chia

Lorine Chia was born in Cameroon. She moved to the U.S when she was 6. She has always loved music. Now she is 19 aspiring to be a famous musician. "Maybe one day i can make my own albums, travel the world and just do what i love doing. I thank God everyday for blessing me with a talent which i will use to reach out to people. I do this because it is indeed what makes me happy. Hopefully people will appreciate my style of music. Don't really have a preffered genre but mostly its like Alternative haha. They say the sky is the limit but i am way out of this galaxy."

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2nd I picked TIMEFLIES:

Timeflies is a music duo consisting of 22 year-olds Cal (vocalist) and Rez (producer) that formed in October 2010. Though they got their start in Boston, Cal and Rez are originally from New York and New Jersey, respectively. Using elements of pop, hip-hop, electro, dub step, and rock, Timeflies aims to escape genre limitations, and to create music that everyone can relate to.

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