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It's that time of year again! And no, I'm not talking about that... I'm talking about Ben & Jerry's releasing their limited edition ice cream/taco hybrid! In years past on 4/20, the ice cream shop sold what was called the BRRR-ito, a soft waffle cone wrapped around two scoops of ice cream with toppings. 

Now, this year they're switching it up a bit and making the CHILL-aco! Same concept, but this time it's ice cream and a taco....together! The CHILL-aco will consist of a waffle cone in a shape of a taco, two scoops of ice cream, caramel drizzle IN BETWEEN the waffle tacos, topped with fudge and cookie crumbs. YUM!

To see what the CHILL-aco looks like and locations to grab one for yourself, check out their site here

Source: Instagram

The CHILL-aco comes after Ben & Jerry's recently released a line of lip balm in four of their favorite ice cream flavors. Ben & Jerry's never lets us down with their crazy ideas, that's for sure. 

But remember, it’s only at stores for a limited time! So grab your CHILL-aco and enjoy it while you can! 

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