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This is for all of you La La Land movie fans out there! As you may know, April 25th is now officially "La La Land Day" in LA, according to Mayor Garcetti. In celebration of "La La Land Day", the films iconic Seb's will be a real thing in LA for one night! 

The Long Beach bar, The Blind Donkey will transform into the jazz club Seb’s. Being this is the actual backdrop of Seb's in the movie, you will be able to see many resemblances when visiting. They'll have everything from live music, specialty themed cocktails and even that neon Seb's sign!


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There's no word how long Seb's will stay, but word on the street it will only be for one night. Apparently there may be more than one pop-up Seb's in LA that day, so keep your eyes peeled! Either way, fan or not, it is certainly something to check out!

Ugh, this ending gets me every time. 

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