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OKAY. So I'm DETERMINED to find this ghost in the office! Apparently Peaches isn't crazy and she swears she saw (what she thought was me). So we take to surveillance cameras, but unfortunately, they don't show the area we are looking for! GAH!

This isn't over! 

TJ makes an appearance - he walks into us during our search for the ghost... Anyone else would've probably thought we were crazy. But hey! He got the meet the new Producer Dana. Should I try the pink hair? 

Flume and I (I'm on the right) 

Last but not least, we had a visit with the awesome Grammy winner, Flume! He was super chill. Did you see how excited he was when I mentioned a signed picture by me?! I'm sure he's always secretly wanted one. Do we have any real estate agents to help him find some cool LA places to live? Welcome to LA Flume! 

Also, you see how much coffee I had and NO food? NOT recommended. Ugh. 

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