Demi Lovato must be on vacay.

She's been Instagramming tropical photos of herself swimming with stingrays and even posted a hilarious Instagram video of herself swimming in electric blue water while wearing a neon bikini... and floating away!

She captioned the vid, "That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow...... And got sucked away by the current..... "

Check out the LOL video:

Check out the stingray pics she posted below.

This one was captioned, "Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mr. Stingray ☀️🌴🐠🌺 (btw - that was just ONE of about 20 I was swimming with) more coming soon."

This one is my personal fave. She writes, "I mean... We practically made out."

You go DD!

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