When it comes to the MTA, New Yorkers are notoriously impatient, but this is a new one. 

A woman hopped onto the tracks at a Brooklyn subway station and began walking toward Manhattan until police apprehended her moments later.

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She trekked down the middle of the subway tracks at the Myrtle Avenue J train station with a canvas bag slung over her right shoulder just before 8:55 a.m. Wednesday.

Straphangers looked anxious and bewildered as they peered off the platform to check whether a train was approaching the station.

A few minutes later, the daring straphanger was nabbed by police and transported to Woodhull Hospital, where she'll undergo psychiatric observation, police said.

She was seen talking with commuters who urged her to get off the tracks and onto the platform while she casually checked her cellphone.  Authorities said the woman walked a short distance, then ran before she was caught shortly before 9:10 a.m. It wasn't immediately clear if she would face charges.

Besides the obvious of getting hit by a train another huge danger is the "third rail" which is an electrical rail that runs down the tracks to help power them.