Brecksville Home Days


Come out and have fun at Brecksville Home Days Friday, June 24th through Sunday, June 26th. There will be amusement rides, music and entertainment, kid’s activities, plenty of food and fireworks Sunday night.

Brecksville was founded in 1811. Their history dates from the turn of the 19th century when Colonel John Breck and several partners back east purchased land now known as Brecksville in 1807. Ironically Colonel Breck never lived in the town that bears his name, but his three sons did. The last member of the Breck family to call Brecksville home was Dr. Theodore Breck, a great grandson of the Colonel. He practiced medicine in the Breck home which still stands on the square, until his death in 1934.

For a full list of events during Brecksville Home Days visit: HERE