Listen to win tickets to Imagine Dragons at Blossom!


Can you believe it's been over 5 years since we first played Imagine Dragons on KISS FM???

That was waaaaaaaaaay back in late 2012 when we 1st played their debut hit, "It's Time".



After that, the floodgates opened and hits just started pouring in. 

During the summer of 2013, this track was pretty damn hard to resist or ignore....


"Demons" followed....


There was a bit of a bump-in-the-road with the band's 2nd album, "Smoke + Mirrors". Sounding like a poor man's Mumford & Sons, the record yielded no big hits. Typical case of "sophomore slump". 

This was the closest thing they had to anything lasting off that one. I barely remember this one...


Imagine Dragons came back STRONG in 2017 with the Grammy nominated album, "Evolve". 

Massive anthems like "Believer", "Thunder" and their latest, the CAVS anthem, "Whatever It Takes".


Imagine Dragons are no stranger to Northeast Ohio... and they return for a show at BLOSSOM, June 17th!

Wanna go? LISTEN to 96-5 Kiss FM all this week at 7:40am, 5:40pm and 9:40pm to win!

Good luck!


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