Introducing: The OddBallaz a.k.a. Happiest 'Weirdo' Artists Alive


These guys really inspired the hell out of me during our candid studio interview. You'll get an LMFAO vibe, but the OddBallaz are their own type of weird + crazy and trust me when I say it's something the entire world needs right about now. 

Long story short, "Wyte Mike never quite fit in with his inner city peers, his foes often labeled him an oddball, soft, or ridiculed him for 'talking white'. So when he met Olo, a fellow weirdo who shared his love for breakdancing, they both knew it was the beginning of a special creative partnership."


The amount of inspiring quotes waiting to become your next Instagram post is ridiculous. Check out our interview above and hear true artist mentalities at work! Because remember: life is too short & “you can’t walk into art worried about being judged.”


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