Eminem drops new album w/ Machine Gun Kelly diss track


So. This escalated quickly.

Last night, Eminem dropped a surprise new album called "Kamikaze". Cool, right? Well... Depends.

You see, there's a song on there called "Not Alike" - which appears to be an entire diss track about Cleveland's own, Machine Gun Kelly.

Whoaaaaa. Oh no you didn't, Shady!

Listen below (but - be warned- the record label Nazis will probably pull it down before you get a chance)



Part of this whole drama dates back to when MGK was on Eminem's Sirius/XM radio channel, Shade 45. Kells made a comment about Em's daughter, Hallie. The comment was meant to be flattering, but she was only 17 at the time. Oopsie! 



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