Lauren Jauregui Is Hard To Impress On New Song 'More Than That': Listen

Lauren Jauregui is playing hard to get on her latest record.

Last night (January 11) saw the midnight premiere for the Fifth Harmony songbird's next solo single, "More Than That." A luscious, hip-hop-infused jam, Jauregui's newest offering is all about making a good first impression and then some.

"If I'ma take a gamble then you better come correct/ I need more than them diamonds that you got around your neck," the 22-year-old artist warns on the opening verse. "(S**t) anybody can flex, my baby do it best/ If you come with somethin' better, then we might just take it there."

This booming, 808-heavy bop gets sweeter with an even sassier hook, as Jauregui commands her spectating suitors to make a move or go home alone. In the chorus progression, she sings, "Boy, you better come/ Stronger than this liquor/ Wanna take me home, better be more convincing/ It'll take more than that to get to me."

Listen below.

Co-produced by Murda Beatz and Charlie Handsome, "More Than That" is the artist's second standalone project after "Expectations." Both tracks were featured in October 2018: the former was teased during a show at the MTV Elections Afterparty, the latter saw its official release on October 24.

Both tracks will appear on Jauregui's forthcoming debut album, which the singer-songwriter detailed to us in an interview last year. "Definitely all the songs that I have written have come from a very genuine place in my heart, so that's definitely one expectation you can have," she said of what fans can expect from her LP. "I'm very much exploring all kinds of different parts of myself and allowing that to be whatever I need it to be."

Read our full interview here.

Photo: Getty Images